I've been doing physics outreach since I joined my local astronomical society (Island County Astronomical Society) in high school.  In grad school I kept busy with the UNSW Physics Outreach group.  

In addition to just helping out pointing telescopes so good folks like these can see Venus transit the Sun, I conduct a workshops for school children called on the basics of air pressure or light and rainbows with fun demonstrations and intuitive descriptions.

I really love doing outreach and giving talks to any audience.  



I've been tutoring in STEM fields for even longer than I've been doing outreach (I was a math tutor for primary school children while in middle school :).

In my undergraduate program at University of Hawaii, Hilo, I tutored in physics and astronomy and also tried my hand at lecturing for an introductory electromagnetism course.

In graduate school I was a lab demonstrator and a teaching assistant for an astronomy course.

At UW I've mentored an undergraduate research student, Ilyana Guez.

See my CV for more details of my experience.