I've been doing physics outreach since I joined my local astronomical society (Island County Astronomical Society) in high school.  In grad school I kept busy with the UNSW Physics Outreach group.  

In addition to just helping out pointing telescopes so folks like these in the photo can see Venus transit the Sun, I developed and presented curriculum relevant workshops for school children. These workshops covered the basics of air pressure (Under Pressure! co-developed with Kristen Casalenuovo), rainbows (What is a Rainbow?), and exoplanet spectral analysis (Alien Light), with fun demonstrations and intuitive descriptions. These workshops were adapted for students at different educational levels (K-12) and frequently presented to students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, in remote and rural areas, and with accommodations for children with physical disabilities.

I love doing outreach and giving talks to any audience.  I’ve since done many other outreach talks including at elementary and middle schools, astronomical societies, and at Ada’s NightLab and Astronomy on Tap Seattle.



I've been tutoring in STEM fields for even longer than I've been doing outreach (I was a math tutor for primary school children while in middle school :).

In my undergraduate program at University of Hawaii, Hilo, I was a department tutor in physics and astronomy. I developed curriculum for an introductory electromagnetism course as a senior undergrad and delivered these lectures (6 hours).

In graduate school I was a lab demonstrator and a teaching assistant for an online astronomy course.

At UW I've mentored an undergraduate research student, Ilyana Guez. Our project examines the role polarimetry can play in the characterization of super Earths.

See my CV for more details of my experience. For helpful resources check out my educational resources page.